PRE-ORDER Unity RPG Hardcover Core Rulebook (Includes Digital PDF)

PRE-ORDER Unity RPG Hardcover Core Rulebook (Includes Digital PDF)

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***This purchase is considered a pre-order and the product will actually ship in lateSeptember 2018***

By pre-ordering the physical hardcover book, you will also receive the Digital PDF of the Core Rulebook upon payment competion.

A 368-page beautifully crafted, hardbound book containing a mysterious and exciting world to explore, gorgeous artwork, and a unique game system emphasizing teamwork and storytelling. The Unity RPG Core Rulebook will contain everything you need to play.

  •  Full roleplaying rules for character creation, adventuring, and combat.
  •  Full setting guide that explores the world of Unity and its rich history.
  •  4 Factions complete with cultural write-ups and short stories.
  •  9 Classes and hundreds of power combinations to master.
  •  Mysterious and perilous locations to explore.
  •  Deadly foes to fight.
  •  Powerful treasures to acquire.
  •  A Game Master’s Guide.